Marketing Your Dating Site

Marketing your dating site is a question of finding the right places to advertise. If you advertise to singles under 18 years old, but your site is for over 18 years old you will then surely waste your marketing budget.  Make sure you’re marketing to the right audience. Study shows singles are using online dating site more and more and up to 4 sites at the same time.  It can also be a good idea to advertise unusual places like under singles travels; you can look up good dating marketing keywords on Google adwords. We will also write articles about singles and online dating, so you can learn what the new online dating trends are before marketing.

What kind of online dating sites can use this advice?

If you have a dating site like it is a good idea is to find out where you can find singles for your website. Use some tracking software, to see where you traffic comes from, that way you  can see where you are getting the good traffic from.

What kind of traffic to you want when marketing?

If your running a normal dating advice, and date idea’s website like, then you will want to go after keywords like dating advice. But if it is website about the best online places to date like, then you would want to market to singles that are looking for love.

What kind of dating sites are there?

There are all kind of dating sites, advice guides and matchmaking sites or you can even find forums all about singles. Some dating sites even go after some small keywords as a way to get traffic like, it is a smart way finding good marketing keywords with not so high competitions.

It can be tuff finding good domains to use for your dating website, but a lot of new domain extensions have become available over the last years, making it a lot more easy finding good names for your website. My favorite ones are the Dot ME domains as they are perfect for branding and marketing,  you can see and example here using the Dot ME


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