Making Videos for Marketing

What are the must popular videos on Youtube? i would say it would be gaming videos, but there also popular dating videos.

You might not think that gaming and dating go hand in hand, but there is a new service for young daters that pair those with like interests.  The service makes gaming and dating fun in that there are games for the members to play against one another while they learn more about each other.  Marketing videos for YouTube, describing this service, have appeared recently and are getting a good amount of attention from the online dating and the gaming world.  In fact, one of the ways in which gamers can go on dates with other members is through a virtual chat that includes games such as chess, checkers and Tetris.  The marketing videos for YouTube which show this service have now received over 1 million hits and the company that started it all is seeing an increase in membership.

This is obviously a coup for both the dating company and the marketing company that developed the marketing videos for YouTube, but it is also a win for the daters.  These daters are now given an opportunity to have a fun time online in a safe and relaxing environment.  Many of these daters that are poker gamers do not socialize outside of their computer, so this service gives them an opportunity to meet someone online and then to make plans to meet outside of the computer world once they are comfortable.